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Globally Integrated Village Environment

A Laboratory of the Centre for Social Innovation
Head: Franz J. Nahrada
Jedleseerstraße 75
A-1210 Vienna
Tel. +43-1-278 78 01-77
Fax +43-1-278 78 01-8

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The "Globally Integrated Village Environment" (GIVE) projekt is studying the human habitat of the future, where Telematics and Information Technology enable us to create smaller communities that feature more diversity, sustainability and open natural space.

The purpose of GIVE is, by documenting and linking up the existing building blocks of such communities, to help them to grow in numbers and augment their functionality.

With that goal in mind, every progress in the arena of community networks is a step towards a global support system. The role of communities might be different - there are "Global Cities" and "Global Villages" - but together they will shape a network that we consider as the most reliable source and backbone for socio-economic development in the 21st century. The Global Village Network is a group of people working for this goal.

The Activities of G.I.V.E.:

Public Events

Conferences, Expert Meetings, Publications, Exhibitions and Symposia, e.g. "Global Village '93" , "Global Village '95", Global Village 96, and Global Village 97

1998 we organized a workshop about "best practices in urban Telematics" in the context of Global Village 98.


Televillage Bruck an der Leitung
G.I.V.E. together with IBM Austria and the Academy of Science worked on a study for the Government of lower Austria.


100 ways to create sustainability with the help of the Web

Telecommunities: Urban Lab / Rural Lab

GIVE is participating in models of future development of living spaces. Read the text of Franz Nahradas speech at the Habitat Conference.

Documentation and Networking

As a connection point for universities, companies and independent or political institutions G.I.V.E. is trying to produce a network of scientific activities. It is the aim to experience and documentate the impact on rural areas, urban development and social organizational structures.